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Traditional hunting weapons of Kuwait

KUWAIT: “Kharraza”, “Om Sajma” (bump shot light hunting guns, air guns) and Om Batun or Om Batnin (hunting shotguns) were famous traditional weapons sold in Kuwait and used for hunting and sometimes even guarding. Souq Al-Selah (weapon’s market) used to be the perfect place for buying or selling such weapons, ammunition, or even finding spare parts.
Heritage Researcher Dr Adel Mohammad Abdulmeghni told KUNA yesterday that one of the popular weapons sold in this market was the “Musadas Bakra” (handgun) which was used for various hunting activities, and the Kharrazah, Om Sajma, Om Batun and “Om Khams” (five-round shotgun).

Abdulmeghni said the name of the ammunition used for these weapons is “Feshag”, noting that the shotguns were used for hunting various types of animals like birds and desert animals, and not against humans. He added that in the late 50s, the market was also a place for selling weapon accessories and for repairs and maintenance. – KUNA

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