Traffic lights

Child begging goes against the reputation of our country, and this practice cannot be justified under any circumstances. The state’s social aid and charity organizations lend helping hands to needy families, and if discrimination is involved in giving the aid, then this issue must be exposed and fixed because being silent about such a disgraceful thing is a big mistake that will create a problem on the social and security levels. Kuwait is a ‘Humanitarian Center’, yet we can see children begging at traffic lights and in residential areas; sometimes selling cheap and light goods till midnight.

This is a question to all ministers of social affairs and interior, present and past, as well as children and human rights societies. Who are these children? Who provides them with these goods? How is this normal in our country? We probably buy their goods out of pity. Even police patrols pass by them as if this is normal. It looks like officials are pleased with this situation by giving the excuse of ‘let them earn a living.’ We live in a rich country with generous people and a government squanders funds in grants and aid to east and west.

How can we be fine with seven-year-olds begging and subjecting themselves to danger, deviation or being kidnapped? Caring for children cannot be achieved only by signing international treaties and agreements without providing them with real protection and care. If the reason backing this is that they are non-Kuwaitis (bedoons or belonging to other Arab nationalities), this can create a serious problem in the near future. Labeling Kuwait a ‘Humanitarian Center’ is not only an honor, but a great burden as well. It will only remain provokingly nominal as long as we remain silent about such problems. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Jarida

By Mudaffar Abdullah

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