Trump vs Islam!

munaUnited States presidential candidate and billionaire Donald Trump has urged the US to prevent Muslims from entering the United States. This remark has sparked a controversy – with a huge angry response and few supports. Here is the most important question – Are American policy makers really able or ready to stay away from the Middle East? Trump can say anything he wants about his country but, when it comes to Islam as a religion and Muslims in general, he need to watch his mouth.

We are not part of his TV shows. It is known that the Trump’s organizations are linked to trade relations with several Muslim countries – why cannot he begin with his business empire in the region? Arab Media comedian Bassem Youssef told CNN that there are many dupes in all religions – adding that Trump hates Muslims except the rich Muslims. Well, he certainly summed it all.

Because of the sensitivity of this subject, the White House has been forced to comment on the subject – stating that it was contrary to American values and the security of America. The statement did not clarify whether American Muslims are also targeted, or if such a claim is inconsistent with the US constitution or not. The Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a smart move, saying that Donald Trump’s plan to block Muslims from entering the United States is “not only shameful but dangerous.”

Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal, in his Twitter account commented on Trump’s remarks, saying that he is a disgrace to all Americans. Let us consider Trump’s proposal seriously. First, I see it as racist and shameful opinion for several reasons. What about the Americans who live here in our countries – and in the Arab world? Are we going to treat them like that – putting a ban due to their religion? Maybe you think this is unacceptable – why not?

Arabs and Muslim world have survived for over 1,400 years and we can live without a golf course built by Trump Foundation! The second point here is that ‘the hostile view’ of Islam and Muslims will increase the tensions in America where Muslims accounts for nearly 8 million people – with over 4,500 US Muslims as soldiers. I wonder what their status will be under Trump’s regime and the Republican Party plan.

I know that in the Gulf region, there are lots of appreciation and love for the US Republicans due to their political and trade links but, the reality is that many of them don’t have a strategy to the new reality in the Middle East. Some believe the only way to return to the White House is just a bet on Trump. If he is desperate to win, he needs to be aware of the reality in the Arab world.

Right now the media is giving Trump all the power he needs to win. So far, he has not offered anything significant other than sowing fears. But the fear of being a victim of terror is a mutual and common sentiment all over the world including here in Kuwait and the rest of GCC. I believe that while many Americans laugh at Donald Trump, those in the Middle East see the media coverage only. It seems that news channels are in favor of him. I wonder if Trump will cancel all his business transactions in the Middle East if he wins the election.

Donald Trump’s remark that “Muslims hate the Americans – so they pose a threat to America” is pure nonsense. As a Muslims, I don’t need to apologize for the actions of terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda or Islamic State. Just for the record, we did not create them and we also see them risks that must be removed. We as Muslims have to stand up against those who use Islam to advance their own personal agenda. Trump should not be welcomed in our countries anymore. He is not be the one to make America great again.

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