Trying to figure out everything about the new HUAWEI nova 10

The new HUAWEI nova 10 comes with an array of splendid features, including a stunning design highlighted by an all-new colourway – Colour No. 10, a magnificent 60MP Front Ultra-Wide Camera, and more. Now we know you must have many questions as to what’s so special about this new smartphone. So we decided to round up all your questions and go at them one by one.

The nova moniker is derived from the Latin word “novas”, signifying that every rising star is born to shine, akin to the passion of youth when chasing their dreams of a better future. Created on the foundation of innovative technology, every generation of the HUAWEI nova series strives to represents the ideology of an innovative piece of technology that has an on-trend design, powerful cameras, excellent performance and offers smart interaction experiences. With that ideology in mind comes the launch of the new HUAWEI nova 10 Series, taking the series into its 10th generation. As of July 2022, the nova Series has accumulated a total of more than 200 million users worldwide.

What’s the inspiration behind HUAWEI nova 10 chic and fashionable design? 

HUAWEI nova 10 embraces a youthful identity that prioritises a lightweight design complemented by exquisite textures, which is evident from the fact that the phone is just 6.88 mm thick and weighs only 168 g. When it comes to design inspirations, the phone draws inspirations from the interstellar universe and the city-chic aesthetic and represents a collection of creativity, encompassing different dimensions and cultures. Most notably, the Colour No. 10 that uses a double colour coating process with silver as the main tone but with a colder overall tone that matches flawlessly with the golden Star Orbit Ring and nova icon. It sparkles with layer upon layer to showcase fascinating colour changes under different light and shadow.

HUAWEI nova Series always comes in a range of trendy colours, and HUAWEI nova 10 continues this legacy, offering Starry Black and Provence apart from Colour No. 10. Each of these three colours represents a distinct aesthetic style, but they all adhere to a trendy, youthful design philosophy.

How significant of an impact will the high-resolution 60MP Front Ultra-Wide Camera make on selfies?

With HUAWEI nova 10, your selfies will look better than ever. The 60MP Front Ultra-Wide Camera can capture more details, thanks to its high resolution and even more of the background with its ultra-wide focal length. You can also record 4K Ultra-Wide selfie videos that capture everything in crisp details and fit more subjects, sceneries and backgrounds. Apart from the powerful hardware, the AI texture portrait algorithm on the phone also works wonders for your selfies behind the scenes. Using facial data of RAW frame composition, pixel-grade image quality enhancement, semantic analysis, and skin brightness of portrait, light and shadow 3D enhancement, the AI texture portrait algorithm ensures stellar portraits in all kinds of scenarios. With the click of the shutter, you can easily shoot close-up portraits with delicate, lustrous skin.

HUAWEI nova 10 employs a Flagship-Level Colour Engine to make them look even better. It supports the P3 wide colour gamut and calibrates more than 2000 colours to bring five times better colour precision. As a result, the colour gamut coverage is increased by 25 per cent compared to sRGB, helping the camera capture what you see accurately.


What does the 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge mean in real-life usage?

66W HUAWEI SuperCharge on HUAWEI nova 10 allows you to fill up the phone from zero to full in just 38 minutes. That means you don’t have to charge the phone overnight. Instead, you can plug it in while you are in the shower or having breakfast, and you will be good to go for the day. Furthermore, the HUAWEI nova 10 features a large 4000mAh battery while still managing to stay as light and slim as ever.

What benefits does the 50MP Ultra Vision Main Camera with RYYB colour filter bring to photography?

Compared to a regular sensor, the RYYB sensor replaces the green pixels with yellow pixels, increasing light intake by 40 per cent. The 50MP Ultra Vision Main Camera on HUAWEI nova 10 comes with a 1/1.56-inch sensor that uses an RYYB colour filter array. The camera supports a maximum light sensitivity of ISO 400000, which effectively improves the imaging performance in low-light shooting for taking clear night shots with rich details. This improvement is further compounded by additional features, including Super Night Shot, Portrait Video, and Follow Focus, to name a few. The Super Night Shot feature allows you to capture excellent details beyond the perception of human eyes in dark scenes, while the Portrait Video function uses advanced facial recognition and background bokeh algorithms to create natural-looking portrait bokeh. Besides the main camera, the phone also has an 8MP Ultra-Wide Macro camera and a portrait depth camera on the rear.


How is the display on HUAWEI nova 10?

For an immersive visual experience while binge-watching shows or playing intense games, a large display with top-notch picture quality and a high refresh rate is what you need. You get all of those on HUAWEI nova 10. The 6.67-inch 120Hz Original-Colour Curved Display supports the P3 colour gamut and HDR10 technology, enabling a more accurate and colourful rendering of pictures and videos. The display also supports 1.07 billion colours delivering a more realistic and natural visual experience.


The display supports an adaptive refresh rate between 60Hz and 120Hz, striking a balance between a smooth experience and long battery life. HUAWEI nova 10 boasts a Display Turbo function that can intelligently analyse portraits based on AI deep learnings and also supports real-time calculation to optimise face definition in short videos by up to 50%. With the help of this feature, facial definitions in 540P videos will be improved as though at 720P, while facial definitions in 720P videos can look as though at 1080P. Furthermore, the ultra-thin bezels around the screen also add to the whole experience.


Can I connect my phone with my tablet or laptop and use the two at once?

HUAWEI nova 10 offers a straightforward, smooth, safe and reliable user experience for working, studying, remote communication, gaming, entertainment or video editing. Thanks to the Super Device features, Huawei has consolidated different menus into the Control Panel with a simple swipe, users can explore the Control Panel and get quick access to audio playback, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, as well as making it easier to control multiple devices as if they were controlling just one device.


For example, users can tap on the HUAWEI MatePad icon to activate Smartphone-Tablet Multi-screen Collaboration; tap the HUAWEI MateBook icon for Smartphone-PC Multi-screen Collaboration or tap the HUAWEI FreeBuds icon to seamlessly switch their audio output to their Huawei earbuds.


With the Distributed File System, HUAWEI nova 10 can also function as a wirelessly connected external storage unit for the PC, meaning users can access the files they want more easily than ever before. This means when users are drafting an email on the PC, they can add smartphone files as an attachment or when they see an image they like when browsing the internet on the PC, they can save that image directly to the smartphone. Using the HUAWEI nova 10, users may also conveniently share their screen during a video and even mark key places to bring important insights directly into view.

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