Tweeter arrested for insulting leadership

KUWAIT: Police authorities arrested a tweeter for insulting the political leadership and police dignitaries as well as the people’s honor. Police sources said the suspect was arrested before on drugs charges, was released on bail and banned from traveling.


Yet he went back to tweeting using the name of a detective, and used it to start insulting the leadership of Kuwait. His account was swiftly closed and he was also charged for posing as a different person. This time however, after being released he started using his real identity and resumed his insulting tweets, so he was arrested again.


Police chase in Farwaniya

Farwaniya police arrested a citizen following a chase during which the suspect collided with several cars. Police who were on a patrol asked the driver to pull over, but he quickly sped away. Police initiated a chase, and the reckless driver hit several cars during his escape. Police found drugs paraphernalia on him. – Al-Anbaa


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