‘Twenty twenty’

By Layan Abdullah Al-Qenaei

The year of ‘twenty twenty’ is like no other. It had started like any other year, until COVID-19 showed up around February. The miserable COVID-19 spread around the world, moving from one country to another, and from a person to another like a walking zombie, as if it was fantasy. Alhamdulillah; Kuwait, our beloved country, took excellent care with the pandemic, health services, etc.

The year of 2020 is a year of personal and psychological development. Personal development happens in acts such as practicing your hobbies, learning new things, building up confidence, reading and writing more often, and many more. Psychological development is the act of detoxing your brain from toxic habits and friends, thinking positively, and basically improving your mind.

Do not put someone else’s comfort over yours, unless you are 100 percent sure the comfort is coming back to you, like the case with family. Do not underestimate your learning abilities by listening to jealous people. Remember, it is always more people congratulating you rather than supporting you in the first place. Once my mathematics teacher told me that in order to be better in math “do the five P’s; proper practice prevents poor performance.”

Since then, the five P’s got stuck in my mind with every single detail in my life. If you did not pass or accomplish anything today, you will tomorrow. In order to be successful, you must fall. Stay positive and kind in your journey. Kindness will come back to you. It is December now. There around 30 days left. Make them count before ‘twenty twenty’ ends!

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