Two cops and a woman

An Arab lady living in a Western country gets back home after work. She was busy doing some household errands when the doorbell rang. She was skeptic about the sudden knocker because she was not used to receiving anybody at this time of the hour. She approached the door with fear and checked through the peephole and saw two policemen. She was reassured at first, but soon enough got more worried about what she might have done to have cops come knocking at her door.

She opened the door. “Good morning Madam,” said the two policemen with a smile, and she returned the greeting. “Is that your car parked by the house there, Madame?” asked one of the policemen. “Yes, it is mine,” she answered. “Were you driving it twenty minutes ago on road number…..?” he asked, and she said yes while still in shock and bewildered about the reason behind the question. “Are you alright, Madame?” he asked.

“Yes, I am, and as you can see, I have no complaints,” she said. “Are you sure you do not need any medical attention? Do you want us to call you an ambulance?” they said making her more anxious. “No I am perfectly alright but allow me to ask you,” she said before they interrupted and asked her to hear them out before she asked, which was her right. “Well, the reason we are here is to make sure you are alright and help you if you need any assistance, and that is because you were caught on road camera crying while driving,” they said.

“Yes, I was crying,” she said. “Well, we are here to make sure you are alright and offer help if you need any and warn you of the danger of crying while driving,” the policemen said. The woman thanked them as they walked away with a smile leaving her overwhelmed with a feeling of tranquility as she grew more confident that she had made the right decision by choosing to live in this Western country and preferred it on her own.-Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Saleh Al-Shayeji

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