Two dead in minivan accident


KUWAIT: Two people were killed when a minivan flipped over on Wafra Road, and six ambulances were dispatched to the scene. Five injured people were taken to Adan Hospital, two were taken by medevac to Sabah Hospital and the bodies of the dead were recovered by the coroner. The casualties are Indian and Egyptian.

Offensive ‘tweets’
The Interior Ministry’s Relations and Security Information Department commented on tweets made by political activist Obeid Al-Wasmi, which it said included insults, discrimination, downgrading achievements made and insulting brotherly countries. It said this is not acceptable by the ministry and its departments, be it from him or any other person, as the country’s security and citizen’s safety does not allow such utterances that every citizen who cares for the country should refrain from. The statement said the Interior Ministry will take legal measures towards him.

Illegal transactions
Residency detectives arrested a citizen who processed illegal transactions in exchange of money. The arrest was made under the supervision of Acting Director Brig Abdullah Al-Rujaib. Tips were received by the detectives about the citizen taking advantage of his job and lifting the suspension against violating companies in exchange of amounts reaching KD 2,000.

Traffic campaign
The traffic department sent 12 violators to the holding cell during a campaign during the weekend, under the supervision of operations director Col Yousuf Al-Khaddah. The campaign resulted in issuing 396 violations including to 300 Gulf vehicles, 62 vehicles were impounded and 12 men were detained.

Expired goods
Kuwait Municipality’s Public Relations Department said Hawally emergency shift carried out a field campaign at restaurants, cafes, markets and co-ops from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, resulting in confiscating 100 kg of expired goods, closing a restaurant and removing 35 congratulatory banners from the streets.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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