Two questioned for beating own mother

KUWAIT: A citizen in her sixties told Salam police that she was insulted and beaten by her two sons in the presence of their father. The mother said her ex-husband, the father, defended her. The woman presented a medical report, and police authorities are investigating.

Husband, wife trade charges
A woman who works for health ministry, and her husband who works for defense ministry, traded charges at Salam police station. The wife said she was beaten by her husband, but he said this was untrue and that his wife caused the marks on her body to get him in trouble. He argued that he was the victim as he was insulted and threatened by her, and showed them a text message as evidence.

Unidentified person
State security men are looking for an unidentified person, who may be abnormal, following information from a citizen who saw a man carrying a bag in Mangaf while screaming “Daesh… Daesh.” Meanwhile, explosives experts went on alert after suspecting sticks similar to explosive ones, then later found they were copper rolls.

A citizen was sent to concerned authorities after being seen flying a remote controlled drone equipped with a camera over the Interior Ministry’s building. State security was informed.

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