Two Saudis ‘bought’ Kuwaiti citizenship

KUWAIT: After going through the nationality files, officials discovered that two Saudis bought Kuwaiti nationalities from a citizen for a total sum of KD 45, 000. The Interior Ministry Undersecretary for Nationality and Passport Affairs Major Gen Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah issued an order to open the archive files during an investigation on the case of two ‘citizens’ who owned a car rental company and used it to bring in laborers. Investigations showed that the suspects are Saudis who bought Kuwait nationality.

The suspects were arrested. One confessed to being a Saudi named HR. He said he made agreement with a citizen named AM in 1975 to add him to his file as his son for KD20,000. The other suspect named (AA) said his friend also bought the nationality from the same citizen (AM) through his brother’s file. Detectives went to their residence in Ali Sabah Salem and arrested them after they tried to resist arrest. Both the Saudi suspects are wanted in Saudi Arabia on felony and financial crimes.

Awkward talent
A Kuwait man who is good at imitating women voices, took advantage of his talent to lure people into immoral acts. The suspect used to call people at random – pretending to be a woman, after which he apologizes for calling the wrong number. He then lured his victims with sexual advances and insults them with a text message “Welcome you sheep… the person who you want to spend the night with is a man like you.” He went as far as creating a website, which he used to exploit his victims. Detectives tracked him after receiving information about him and later arrested him.

KD 450 stolen
A citizen told police in Salwa that KD 450 was stolen from his car. Forensic experts went to the site and took the fingerprints. Investigation is ongoing. Al Rai

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