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Ukrainian FM lauds Kuwait’s support for peace

KUWAIT: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba lauded Kuwait’s firm stance and commitment to international laws and its support for peaceful resolutions to conflicts. This came in an interview with KUNA and Kuwait TV during the Ukrainian minister’s visit to Kuwait Tuesday, which also marks the anniversary of 30 years since the inception of diplomatic ties between the two friendly countries. The Ukrainian foreign minister’s visit is the first of its kind to any GCC country since the start of the war in his country.

“We have not had any single black spot in our relations in the last 30 years,” said Kuleba. “We are grateful to Kuwait for the support we have received since the war in Ukraine began and in particular the humanitarian aid Kuwait has been providing.”

Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah welcomed Kuleba to the General Diwan of the foreign minister where they discussed bilateral ties in the fields of trade, investment and business-to-business development. They also discussed the latest developments of the Ukrainian crisis. Sheikh Salem held an iftar banquet in Kuleba’s honor.

“Our economy suffered because of the war but our intrapreneurial companies have adapted to the new reality which is another reason why I am in Kuwait, to promote and welcome not only businesses from Kuwait to Ukraine but to restore a positive dynamic in Ukrainian exports to Kuwait,” Kuleba stated.

Sheikh Salem praised the strength of the bilateral relations between the State of Kuwait and Ukraine, expressing his pride in the results of the joint cooperation between the two friendly countries in various fields. He affirmed the position of the State of Kuwait regarding the Ukrainian crisis, calling for the necessity of adhering to the principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations, and affirming the principle of the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of states in accordance with their internationally recognized borders.

He also stressed the importance of supporting international efforts aimed at a cease-fire and de-escalation to find a peaceful solution to the crisis, in compliance with the principle of resolving disputes by peaceful means and through dialogue in accordance with the law. International and the Charter of the United Nations.

Kuleba also mentioned several historic events where the two countries exercised their goodwill toward one another. Among them is Kuwait’s support in constructing shelters for the surrounding areas of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.

He also expressed his gratitude towards Kuwait’s stance in the international scene when it voted in favor of resolutions related to Ukraine, especially the United Nations resolution that called for peace for the ongoing conflict, calling Kuwait’s support “the best example of how Kuwait supports Ukraine in international organizations”.

“No other country in the world wants peace more than Ukraine and having Kuwait on our side and its support extended to our territorial integrity and sovereignty is a very important part of the global coalition that is struggling to establish peace,” referring to the mentioned UN resolution that attracted 141 in favor votes in the general assembly.

Kuleba then said that Ukraine “was a food security guarantor, exporting millions of tons of grain globally; Allowing prices to be controlled and to avoid food crises and famines in many countries,” stating that “since the war began, Russia has been blocking our ports putting a risk on the export of Ukrainian grain, yet what is more important are the lives of the millions of people that consume Ukrainian grain that is put to risk.”

“Because we know what it means to starve,” Kuleba stated, referring to the famine that befell soviet-Ukraine in the 30s of the last century when millions died of starvation. “We promised ourselves, no matter how difficult our own situation is, we will be providing bread to people around the world,” he said, mentioning various initiatives and programs Ukraine put forward to keep the export of Ukrainian grain going.

Kuleba then said that he expects Ukraine to be “the biggest construction site in the world (after the war), to restore what is being destroyed by guns now.” He mentioned the vast opportunities that are available to further expand cooperation in all fields, hoping for both sides to seize them for the utmost benefit.

“While looking at the way you live, I imagine that we want to build the same quality of life when we win and liberate our country, we want to follow in your footsteps to overcome the tragedy of war, to be a peaceful prosperous country like Kuwait,” Kuleba said. Kuleba was in Baghdad Monday where he met with several top officials including Iraq’s Prime Minister Mohammad Al-Sudani and his Iraqi counterpart Fouad Hussain as part of a regional tour to expand and tighten relations. — KUNA

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