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Union condemns police raid of lawyer’s office

Vote buying violations suspected

KUWAIT: The Arab Lawyers Union (ALU)’s secretariat general condemned raiding a lawyer’s office by police over allegations that he had been buying votes for the upcoming parliamentary elections, and described the raid as a ‘severe violation of the law profession as well as all national and international laws’. ALU also stressed that an official search warrant had to be issued by the public prosecutor and the Lawyers Society chairman had to be notified prior to searching a lawyer’s office and arresting him. In addition, ALU expressed hopes that Kuwaiti officials would realize their mistake and bring matters back to the right track. It also expressed full support for the Kuwait Lawyers Society.

Indian cactus
Endocrinologist and diabetes specialist at Al-Sabah Hospital Dr Adel Redha warned of what he described as the dangerous trend of using Indian cactus to treat some diseases, because it is very dangerous for the body’s vital functions and leads to increasing liver enzymes. Redha stressed that social media stories about the plant and claims that it can magically treat thyroid problems is scientifically untrue and leads to many dangerous side effects. Redha urged the interior ministry to intervene to stop the sale of such a harmful product and other similar ones promoted through social media.

Farwaniya medical zone director Dr Humoud Al-Zobei said there is a future plan to electronically link the basic healthcare center and Farwaniya Hospital’s medical files. Speaking on the sidelines of Farwaniya health zone’s commemoration of World Diabetes Day at Menahy Al-Ossaimi Clinic, Zobei said special awareness programs are in place all year long for various diseases, namely diabetes. He also called for identifying the reasons and dangers of diabetes to patients and prevention and follow-up with physicians.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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