United in arms

By Abdellatif Sharaa

Sometimes we must look at the positives even during crises or adverse conditions that may affect our lives significantly. Back in August 1990, Kuwait was invaded by an army that was led by arrogant commanders who did not have respect for anything, including people and their right to live in peace and security. At that time, there was political tension in the air, yet when the tragedy of the invasion hit, it was unbelievable how the fabric of the society held together firmly and in an admirable fashion, and people from all backgrounds and affiliations cooperated and worked as one – from helping in hospitals to operating bakeries, from providing foodstuff to collecting trash and leftovers, and because of that, the country remained standing on its feet.

Now we have a crisis of a different type, because as it was said before, we are fighting a ferocious invisible enemy, which if given the opportunity, will attack viciously without mercy. That is why governments are taking measures that seem tough on the surface, but are for our own good and health.

People at this time are highly organized and many volunteer teams are registered under the umbrella of the social affairs ministry and have received enough training. These teams are carrying out many types of services in cooperatives, supermarkets, hospitals and even in areas that are under total lockdown. The teams are performing as asked and have a polite approach in the majority of cases, and are making sure that people use hand sanitizers, gloves and masks, and provide them. Some teams go to certain areas to distribute food items and meals, while others help with providing medicine and support to the elderly and those in need of help.

Once again we must join these people who are working day and night to fight this enemy by complying with instructions and measures, so we can restore life back to normal – free of the disease and free of fear. In fact our compliance is the strongest and most important potent weapon and remedy that can be used in our fight, because if we prevent the virus from moving between us and from one person to another, its survival chances are nil.

Please maintain social distancing, stay home as long as you can and go out only when it is absolutely necessary, wash your hands thoroughly and more often, make sure your shoes stay outside, sterilize your phone, keep grocery bags outside and empty them in other containers and wash them. Even the clothes you wear outdoors should be sterilized or washed to remove any slight chance of contamination.

I know this will sound familiar but it does not hurt to remind and put emphasis on these acts that will prevent further damage. Finally, we must not do ourselves harm, as Allah told us in the Holy Quran: “And spend in the way of Allah and do not throw (yourselves) with your (own) hands into destruction (by refraining). And do good; indeed Allah loves doers of good”. – (2-195).

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