University professor touts new obesity management procedure

Dr Jaber Al-Ali

KUWAIT: Kuwait University Professor, liver disease and endoscopy consultant at Mubarak Hospital Dr Jaber Al-Ali spoke recently about a highly advanced technique used for the first time in Kuwait and Arabian Gulf region to treat obesity called ‘Endomina System’. It is a new and highly advanced technique that is already available in Europe, and considered one of the most modern ways in obesity management, he indicated.

The system complements in with the stomach endoscope to reduce the size of the stomach in a sleeve gastrostomy form, Dr Ali said. He reassured that the technique is completely safe to use, adding that it is designed in a way to prevent any kind of liquid leakage or bleeding. Patients might initially experience some pain, nausea and vomiting that lasts for up to two days however, he noted.

In addition to being safe, the procedure does not involve surgery and does not take time as the patient can leave within 24 hours from the time he is admitted to the hospital. It helps the patient lose nearly 40 percent of excessive weight, he added. This technique is considered a complementary for sleeve gastrostomy and bypass operations, and not a replacement, he noted.

By Abdellatif Al-Sharaa

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