Unseen enemy, known defenses

What a paradox – ever since the coronavirus took prominence on the news and all types of media, people of all backgrounds started to talk about what the virus is and how to avoid it, and all the so-called experts agreed on certain measures to keep us from being infected. Some of the measures included a term that was not used much before – social distancing, and they started asking people to stay a meter apart, then the distance kept increasing until it reached two meters at the moment.

Now plans are for a gradual return to government business in phases, but I am sure that when people are allowed to go to government departments to process their papers, there will be huge numbers standing at counters. As an example, residency departments will be having unbelievable numbers, because not all transactions can be processed online.
The awqaf and Islamic affairs ministry said it will reopen mosques for worshippers and mentioned a few guidelines, such as keeping copies of the Holy Quran out of reach. An arrangement was made for the imam regarding where he will stand and markings were made behind him indicating where each person should stand maintaining the two-meter distance, besides having to wear masks, using sanitizers, etc.

Now, it is our turn to act and behave correctly as required to keep the virus away from us and others. I say this because scenes of queues at co-ops, cooking gas outlets, bakeries and other places are not promising, so we are still in need of people of authority to be around to organize the lines and make people comply with instructions. We have to bear in mind that a large number of the current cases of coronavirus are caused by contact between people. So please put this type of behavior aside and be smart enough and well aware of what to do for each person’s wellbeing and to safeguard everybody’s health.
Final word: “Trust yourself. You’ve survived a lot, and you’ll survive whatever is coming.” – Robert Tew

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