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Unstable weather during weekend

KUWAIT: Vehicles drive during a heavy dust storm in Kuwait City yesterday. Strong winds and dust caused low visibility on the main roads around Kuwait. —Photo by Yasser Al-Zayyat

KUWAIT: The Director of Kuwait Meteorological Department Emad Al-Sanousi said yesterday that the country will witness unstable weather conditions during the weekend. Al-Sanousi said the weather will be cloudy – with moderate to fresh southeasterly wind at speeds of 25 – 50 km/h, which caused dust and rain. Meanwhile, the forecasted temperatures will be between 16-18 Degrees Celsius.  Today’s weather will be partly cloudy with moderate southeasterly winds at speeds of 15-40 km/h, causing dust with a chance for rain. Temperatures will be between 25-27 Degrees Celsius. Evening will be partially cloudy with winds at speeds of 15-38 km/h and a chance for scattered rain. The temperatures will be between 14-16 Degrees Celsius. Tomorrow’s weather will be partly cloudy with light to moderate easterly to southeasterly wind at speeds of 10-32 km/h with a chance of scattered rain. The forecasted temperature will be between 26-28 Degrees Celsius. – KUNA

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