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US Ambassador visits Kuwait Society for the Handicapped

KUWAIT: Sabika Saad Al-Jasser, Vice Chair of the Kuwait Society for the Handicapped stated that Alina Romanowski, the United States Ambassador to the State of Kuwait, visited the society and participated in various activities with its students and employees. That visit came as a result of the society’s commitment to build strong relationships with community partners and different local and foreign organizations in order to share experiences and serve children with disabilities in a best possible way.

The Ambassador witnessed a training session in the area of professional development training organized in cooperation with the Burrow Recovery Centre’s Team aiming to exchange experiences, learn new treatment techniques and be more productive.

“Our local brand is all about inspiring people of Kuwait to live a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle,” said Jassim Al-Mudhaf, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ring Side General Trading, and the Burrow Recovery Centre. “Part of our vision is to collaborate with community services on a regular basis, to educate and enhance the quality of life of people in Kuwait. Our collaboration with KSH mirrors this vision, where our specialists in Physiotherapy lead and inspire individuals to improve their skills and knowledge of Rehabilitation.”

Jasser added that the society has been running an art project specially designed for children with disabilities and led by an artist who works as an occupational therapist. The artist or therapist guides participants through art sessions providing adaptations to activities or environment according to the needs of children with different disabilities. The US Ambassador joined an art session to promote and encourage inclusion of all persons regardless of their skills and abilities.

Jasser also said that the society has been offering currently free consultations for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech/language therapy to children with disabilities from all nationalities in addition to nursing tips for caregivers of persons with disabilities aiming to help them to improve their mobility, self-regulation, sensory processing, etc. The Ambassador visited treatment rooms where she watched some of the hands-on treatment and movement progression of children with disabilities.

Concluding her visit, Ambassador Romanowski expressed support to the society’s mission of providing ongoing innovative and accessible care, education and support to children with disabilities thus changing their lives and helping their inclusion in the society.

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