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US Embassy launches ‘Discover America Week’

By Faten Omar

KUWAIT: The Embassy of the United States of America to Kuwait announced on Wednesday the launch of “Discover America Week”, where the embassy will organize events highlighting different aspects of American culture and expertise, including music, food, sports, technology, education and tourism.

In a press statement, James Holtsnider, Charge d’Affaires at the US Embassy to Kuwait, said: “We were doing Discover America since 2009, but for the last three years, due to the pandemic, we could not do it. This is a great opportunity to showcase American opportunities for Kuwaiti businesses and Kuwaiti opportunities for America to strengthen commercial ties.”

Holtsnider affirmed that these activities are a great opportunity to put a spotlight on the strong US-Kuwaiti friendship. “There are a lot of business opportunities, especially technical investments, coming to Kuwait. We are working very hard to expand commercial ties as well as educate people in both countries to increase trade and explore areas that broaden and deepen ties,” he said.

Holtsnider revealed there will be a lot of American brands. “We will be talking about opportunities in Kuwait. We will have a discussion on tourism with travel agencies and work very actively with visas, although Kuwait is doing well, as citizens can get a visa within a few days,” he said. He indicated that after three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a chance to remind people about opportunities in the United States, noting the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US has been very active and traveling around the US to talk about the opportunities in Kuwait for the US and vice versa.

The Discover America Week events will be held from Oct 22 to 29. It will include a 5K Fun Run, Huntertones Live, food shows by Chef Nasser, BBQ Night, American Car Show and a Harley-Davidson Ride event.

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