Values of democracy and values of ethics

By Dr Khalid Al-Saleh

The 33rd US President Harry S Truman (May 8, 1884 – Dec 26, 1972) once said “you want a friend in Washington? Get a dog”. This is Western democracy, which did not strike a balance between democracy and ethical values such as tolerance and love, as well as keeping up with the human instinct.

Fair people appreciate Western civilization’s adoption of democratic values, which hold people equal in freedoms and opportunities. These fair people  hesitate a lot in criticizing the Western world, because they see the amount of misery, injustice and dictatorship many of the world’s populations are living under the rule of tyrants.

Despite the correctness of this apprehension, the Western’s civilization’s ignorance of ethical values such as true love, humanity, children’s rights and respect of instinctive human nature made the civilization of the free world lose its balance and the Western individual dream of loyalty and respect for the human being’s instinct, friendship, sacrifice and true love. This is what the US president meant more than 60 years ago.

Today, we see Western freedom turn into a pressure tool to impose their culture on others instead of being a tool to promote the culture of understanding and mutual respect. Otherwise, what does it mean for the European Parliament to keep its pressure on the rest of world’s people to force them to encourage homosexuality (sexual deviation) among them? This pressure was confronted by many countries, and is a declaration that the world’s patience is over towards Western supremacy and that a new world order is being formed.

On the other hand, a French magazine published a while ago insulting pictures of the Prophet (PBUH) of a major religion. The French picked it up, so the magazine reached its goal to increase sales. The issue is not that of instinctive deviations or compromising the rights of young children or insulting a religion – the issue is that of Western civilization failing in instilling values in its people of true friendship, natural instinct and respect for others’ rights, and every household there began looking for it in animals.

Democracy is not exclusive to the Western world, as in the East there are successful democracies creating a balance. In Japan, for example, leaders balance between democracy and ethical values, so Japan succeeded in building a population that promotes love wherever they go, as we saw them at the Qatar World Cup.

Time has come for countries that have values to pressure the Western world to adopt the rights of women, children and good men. In the Western world, homosexuality (sexual deviation) is spreading, depriving young children of their basic rights to live in a family of a mother and father, as the mother cares with instinctive motherhood for the child to give them real love, and where the father stands proud to set his children an example to complete the mission of normal people.

Muslims, Christians, Jews and others must build their countries by balancing democracy and ethical values. The people who are angry due to Western interventions must also get angry for losing democracy in their countries, and should work hard to achieve a balance between the values of democracy and ethics.

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