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Vaxxed: Children Speak Out

By Abdullah Shakir Reshamwala

Getting vaccinated opens many opportunities for us. It allows you to enter malls, dine at restaurants, travel abroad, etc. These are some of the things that unvaccinated people cannot access. Countless people have avoided the vaccine fearing its side effects. But I’m sure that the vaccine is completely harmless.

To end the coronavirus, getting vaccinated seems to be the last option left. So I think taking the COVID-19 vaccine shouldn’t be a choice, but compulsory. But by the end of this year, every person in Kuwait ought to be vaccinated, because you need it to travel and stay in Kuwait.

I registered on August 4 and got the message on the very same day to come and get the jab the next day. At the vaccine center, there was a very long queue, but it was continuously moving. In 10 minutes I reached the vaccine booth. In the booth there was a nurse who took my civil ID and noted the details on the computer.

She asked me to sit in a comfortable chair while she got the syringe ready. Before giving me the jab, she asked me to take a deep breath. I was kind of scared, so I started thinking about something else. It stung a little but it wasn’t painful. It was a pleasant experience.

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