VIVA Real Madrid Academy’s training camp kicks off

VIVA Real Madrid Academy

KUWAIT: VIVA, Kuwait’s fastest-growing and most developed telecom operator, shared the enthusiasm and excitement of the top 16 qualifying players who travelled to Madrid, to practice at Real Madrid Academy’s ground in Valdebebas sport city. The training program comprises of several workshops and activities educating the players on the best maneuvers, attacks, different scenarios and conditioned games. The program also focuses on different technical areas, such as dribbling, short passing, turning and finishing.

The programs were also designed to develop young players in other fields, such as tactical understanding, and mental, physical and social growth. Commenting on this occasion, Abdulrazaq Bader Al-Essa, Corporate Communications Director at VIVA said: “We are extremely pleased with the enthusiasm the players have displayed since the beginning of the trip.

As soon as they arrived to register their names at Real Madrid Soccer Academy, they could not wait until practice to begin and to show off their talents to the coaches. We are very pleased to have been able to support these young athletes in bringing them closer to their dream of becoming professional football players.” He added: “We scheduled different activities to the players to ensure the maximum of experience during this camp, and we offered many surprises for them in recognition of their commitment and passion.”

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