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Volvo Kuwait encourages checkups for early breast cancer detection

KUWAIT: In a continued commitment to the safety of its customers in every aspect of its business, Volvo Car Kuwait BNK Automotive marked the breast cancer awareness month of October with a series of initiatives that aimed to educate its female customers about breast cancer as well as have regular mammograms done to increase recovery and survival rates on the long term.

The Swedish luxury automobile brand started the awareness month by offering its female customers above the age of 35 checkup vouchers to have mammograms done at Kuwait Hospital. They were also invited to lectures and workshops led by Dr Dalal Al-Aradi, held at Kuwait Hospital to educate them about breast cancer facts and self-exam methods.

Speaking of these initiatives, General Manager of Volvo Car Kuwait BNK Automotive, Cherif ElSayed, said: “We place our customers at the forefront of everything we do at Volvo. Their safety is at the core of our DNA and brand values. And safety is not only about safe driving. It is synonym to safe living and the wellbeing of our community. We encourage every woman to get her exam done regularly because early detection is her best prevention. I take this opportunity to thank our female customers for choosing to drive a Volvo car. Driving a Volvo car is being part of a larger community that cares for one another.”

Volvo Car Kuwait BNK Automotive also partnered with Kuwait Hospital and Cancer Awareness Nation (CAN) in a closed talk that brought together doctors, professionals and breast cancer survivors in a talk that aimed to raise awareness about breast cancer and the misconceptions around it.

Speakers were hosted at Volvo Studio and included Dr Dalal Al-Aradi – General Surgery Consultant and Head of the Breast Department at Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital, Dr Nadia Al-Mahmoud – Family Medicine Consultant, member of CAN, in charge of the awareness clinic at CAN and former head of awareness at the Ministry of Health, actress Zahra Al-Kharji, writer and author, Dalaa Al-Mufti, Dr Wajd Al-Othman – Nutritionist specialized in Nutrition Education, and Besma Al-Qassar – founder of the ‘Women Support Forum’ and expert in human resources, women mentoring and leadership.

Volvo Studio located in Sharq and is showcasing artworks gifted by Wejha Arts. Proceeds from the sale of these artworks will be donated to women who need financial support during their breast cancer treatment.

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