Wanted Filipina woman arrested; Blackmailing to steal from employer’s home

KUWAIT:  A Filipina woman who was walking late at night made policemen stop her and ask for her ID, but she said she left it at home and was going to the co-op. Policemen took her to the police station and took her fingerprints, and discovered she was wanted for three cases of theft, swindling and absconding.

An Indian domestic helper was used by a compatriot, who forced her to steal from her employer’s home. The man wanted more, but when she refused, he threatened to kidnap her, so she went to Fahd Al-Ahmad police station and told them what was going on, and told them about the thefts she committed. Policemen agreed with the helper to lure this man by stealing some more items, then when he arrived at the agreed place, policemen arrested him. He will be sent to concerned authorities.

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