Wataniya Airways launches Three New Flights to Tbilisi

KUWAIT: Wataniya Airways, the latest Kuwaiti aviation company, launched its first scheduled flights from Kuwait International Airport to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, with three flights to and from Kuwait per week. Wataniya Airways celebrated the event in the Georgian capital Tbilisi, with an event attended by His Excellency Mubarak Mohammed Al-Sahejan, the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Georgia, and His Excellency Roland Beridze, the Georgian Ambassador to Kuwait, as well as members of the Wataniya Airways board and top executive management of the company. The event was covered by different local media outlets.

On this occasion Riyad Al-Saeed, Vice Chairman of Wataniya Airways, said that the launch of the first flight with the beginning of the summer season is considered an initiation of the commercial operations of this airline carrier after a long stoppage. It is also considered an important stage in the history of aviation in Kuwait, in line with the desire of the political leadership to develop the local aviation sector to keep pace with the rapid growth of the Kuwaiti market.

Al-Saeed added that Wataniya Airways is experiencing a new stage in all administrative and technical aspects, aiming to provide distinctive services in a non-conventional style to all Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates of different segments against competitive prices. He continued that there are three direct flights to and from Kuwait to Tblisi on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays onboard an Airbus A320, which consists of 155 seats, including 12 in business class.

Al-Saeed asserted that the management of Wataniya Airways is keen to provide a unique travel experience after its comeback to the local market. He noted that new flights are to be launched to Baku, Azerbaijan and Sarajevo, Bosnia in the coming week. These destinations are highly sought after by passengers in Kuwait. At the end of his statement, Al-Saeed expressed his thanks and appreciation to the government and civil aviation authorities of Georgia for their support in facilitating the operation of Wataniya Airways flights. As a result, tourism and trade, promoted between the two countries, will flourish. Lana Al-Rasheed, manager of Public Relations and Media at Wataniya Airways emphasized that, launching the first flight to Tbilisi, Georgia, situated at the heart of Caucasus Mountains, meets the ambitions of travel lovers and provides direct flights to the desired destinations.

She added that cities of Georgia and other countries which Wataniya Airways are now flying to were missed, as direct flights were not available from Kuwait. “Wataniya Airways is keen to meet the travelers’ needs so as to facilitate crossing these distances and to enjoy luxurious travels on Wataniya Airways.”

Al-Rasheed noted that Wataniya Airways aim at to be the most sought by passengers. “We aim to make them enjoy all travels. Selecting our planes and considering the crew as friends with the passenger is our objective.”

The flight to Tblisi was an exclusive event. There was an onboard performance of a Kuwaiti traditional music band during the trip, and various gifts were distributed. The flight was attended by a group of different media outlets from Kuwait as well as a group of dignitaries of various social networking sites amid an atmosphere of joy and happiness. The event included a draw for two free tickets to the guests onboard the flight.

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