We are all corrupted

All former members of parliament, political parties, factions and their supporters, and the group of pretenders were screaming on top of their lungs demanding the fight against corruption. But many had their demands of reform not leave their mouths, all that during the swirling winds of the Arab illusion, as named by His Highness the Amir. In each gathering and diwaniya, the word corruption has always been on the top; everyone is frustrated, their view of the future is pessimistic, and they direct their anger at the government’s ministers, and major businessmen who have the lion’s share of the state’s tender’s corruption.

Yet, all without exception exclude themselves from the corruption accusations which they distribute as they like. There are those who criticize me and describe me as a ‘government man’ because I am a fierce defender of the regime, which is headed and represented by His Highness the Amir, judiciary and security men, and because I am among those who strongly refuse the chaos caused by demonstrations and marches.

The question that imposes itself on those, and which I am still asking and did not find an answer for: Is corruption caused exclusively by government and business people only? Or is it a wide open gate through which all can enter? Oxford dictionary defines corruption as “dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.” This is a precise definition through which we can identify the corrupt and what corruption includes.

Public jobs include all government employees, and the government here is not only the council of ministers and its ministers, but also includes more than 330 thousand employees who supervise and manage ministries, authorities and state facilities, while the small employee who has favoritism for his job for the sake of material or electoral interests, is practicing corruption according to the definition.

The employee who halts transactions of people and lax in the service of citizens, along with the official, manager and the undersecretary who cause injustice towards employees through groupings, in promotions and his continued seeking to control committees and foreign missions to increase his monthly income is corrupt. The businessman who pays bribes to get tenders then sells them under the table to small companies that cause projects to stop is corrupt.

Ministers, when they appease MPs in undermining the law, and when they appoint undersecretaries, and inefficient authorities managers in the interest of the influential at the expense of the country’s interest, are corrupt. MPs who violate the law and take the rights of others through wasta (connections) for their voters, are corrupt.

Corruption covers all, and the path of true reform begins with the individual himself before throwing it at others, if the individual is good then the entire society will be good, and if the society is good the state will be good and flourish and the example is very clear in the west. Almighty Allah says: “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of the people until they change what is in themselves.” In short, we are all corrupt unless we do not reform ourselves. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Shahed

By Awiad Al-Saleeli

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