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Weather to remain unstable but moderate in coming days

A golden sunset at Marina Crescent. – Photo by Sameer Alabdullah / Kuna

KUWAIT: Weather in Kuwait is forecast to remain unstable in the coming days; tending to be moderately hot during day time and moderate at night. The unstable weather is largely the result of varying air pressure, said Abdul Aziz Al-Qarawi, the weather forecaster at Kuwait Meteorological Center (KMC), in a statement yesterday.

Temperature dropped in most regions of the country over the past days; coupled with high humidity, thus fog formed during early morning and night times causing drastic drop of visibility, particularly at Kuwait International Airport. Relative heat and humidity will persist particularly at coastal regions, with prospected light fog along with scattered clouds as well some rain, expected tomorrow.

Today’s weather is forecast to witness winds (8-28 km/h), with maximum heat at 29-32 degrees. At night, the winds are expected to be in the range of 8-32 km/h and minimum heat at 14-17 degrees. Qarawi said the weather tomorrow would be partially cloudy, with northwesterly to northeasterly winds (10-32 km/h). Temperature is forecast at 28-31 degrees, along with scattered rainfalls. At night, the weather would be moderate with minimum heat at 19-22 degrees. – KUNA

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