Whom to blame?

UstaDespite the enormity of the matter of loose gravel flying on streets because of the rain and smashing the windshield of your car, we have become accustomed with this, and may Allah help everyone. The report of in a newspaper about flying gravel on the runway at Kuwait International Airport, and the confirmation of this by the communications minister is something that raises worries.

This is a confirmation that the safety of Kuwait International Airport is on the edge, because the defect in the runway means that there is a problem with the safety of aircraft and international authorities may decide to close the airport altogether. Ministry of Public Works or Directorate General of Civil Aviation – whom to blame for this catastrophe? The Ministry of Public Works signed contracts with the company that built this runway, and the civil aviation, in cooperation with public works, received the runway from the company that built it.

Is there not an engineering department that supervises the reception of runways at the Civil Aviation? And if the runways have some irregularities, is it allowed to extend the runway for takeoff and landing of civil planes with capacities that reach 600 passengers? What if gravel flew into an aircraft engine or all of them? A pilot in New York landed on the Hudson River when a bird got into the engine of an A320 plane he was flying, because the situation did not allow him to return.

Whom to blame… ourselves, Civil Aviation, Public Works Ministry or the government that is not good at doing anything, or the National Assembly? Whom to blame? A question that we put forward, so may be one may read and answer, or may even think?

Was the message delivered? I hope so. –

Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Qais Al-Usta

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