Why homework is hated

Homework is compulsory. But why do people hate homework? Why do they call it a waste of time? Mostly, homework is based on the work students learn in class, so that teachers can determine whether the students have understood the lesson or not. However, teachers nowadays give homework because they have to, not because it is needed. Pupils and teachers both find homework to be a chore. Teachers have to assess the homework, and it may even take up to half an hour to correct just one student’s book.

People – old or young – want to do what they like all the time – whether it is spending time with family, reading a book, going out with friends, watching a movie or any other activity. This is difficult when they still have to work after school. If we were to think deeply, we would realize that if a student did not understand an aspect of a lesson, they would ask the teacher. Unfortunately, everyone is forced to complete their homework assignments, even if they understand the subject.
Moreover, every teacher assigns homework, and high school students have many teachers daily! Not only that, but students have to meet the deadlines. Although schools have tried to solve this problem by setting homework schedules, there has been little effect.

Matt Miller is a senior trainer and consultant with Red Education with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Last year, at the TeachTechPlay conference in April, he was debating this very topic. On a visit to Ivanhoe Grammar School, he said that he was “horrified” by the amount of homework he saw dished out. “I can’t think of very many jobs where I would put in a full eight-hour day, come home, and then be expected to do four and five more hours of work. In a lot of jobs, that’s going to lead to burnout; that’s going to lead to unhealthy lifestyles … but that’s what we’re asking our kids to do.”

Umair is a young boy aged 11. “Although I am in grade 6, I get a lot of homework. Every few days, I get projects to complete, even for subjects that require only reading. The load of homework is way too much. I barely get time for extracurricular activities. Isn’t the time we spend in school enough? Do we have to spend time at home doing schoolwork? These moments will never come back. Young children should spend their youth having fun and not doing homework,” he argues.
If homework is removed from the curriculum, students, parents and teachers will have more time for their families and hobbies. And perhaps those who are not good at studying may turn out to be skillful at something else.

By Unaisa Qidwai
[email protected]

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