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Why more people are investing in themselves

By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: Like many of his peers, Abdullah Hasan is going to university for a better future. But while people head towards investing in gold, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies and others to accumulate wealth, Hasan believes that investing in building skills outside university is a better option that opens up lots of new opportunities and improves his creativity at multiple fields.

Abdullah Hasan

“In addition to studying at college, I am working at a part time job and learning German in an institute because almost everyone has bachelor’s degree nowadays. Therefore, I have to secure myself by learning things that help me stand out and thrive in the long run.” Learning skills that go beyond what’s acquired through formal education could be a way to achieve independence and improve one’s standard of life. Unlike buying stocks, where the risk of losing is always there, investing in oneself not affected by political and economic conditions. This makes it the way of life for many.

Hawra’a Ibrahim, a theatre trainer at The LOYAC Academy of Performing Arts, said investing in oneself not only improves people’s professional life but also the way they view themselves. “Theatre, for instance, gives space for each individual to discover their capabilities at different levels, such as: their voice levels, body language and letting their imagination run wild.”  Children are also becoming part of this direction as parents move towards helping their kids invest in themselves from a young age. “Acquiring new knowledge does not stop at one age group. It helps activate an individual’s mind, encourages thinking outside the box and raises their self-esteem,” said Ibrahim.

Om Ritaj is helping her daughter invest in her future by giving her space to grow and explore her talents. “Developing new skills gives my child confidence, introduces her to multiple cultures and sets her foot on new experiences. This develops her thinking skills and teaches her teamwork, which I believe is the best investment for my child’s future that will give her strength, independence, and leadership in whatever field she wishes to work,” she told Kuwait Times.

She said her daughter’s growth helps improve her common sense and allows her to create a healthy social life. It also nurtures her daughter’s sense of responsibility, which goes hand in hand with academic success, she added. “On the contrary of those who think that additional skills will affect their academic progress, it will actually improve it because learning something new breaks the child out of their routine.  This teaches them to allocate time for studying and have a specific schedule for their day.”


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