Wife stabbed in domestic dispute

KUWAIT: A man stabbed his wife during to domestic dispute in Rabiya, according to police. Local police station officers were approached by a bedoon woman who said that her husband, Kuwaiti, stabbed her. She handed them a medical report documenting the injury she sustained as a result of the stabbing. Police are investigating. Separately, a woman called police saying that her husband threatened to kill her, and filed a complaint against him. The woman, Kuwaiti, went to Waha police station and said that she received insulting messages and a murder threat from her husband’s phone number. Investigations are ongoing in the case.

Neighbors row
A woman accused her two neighbors of insulting and attempting to beat her when she scolded them for gossiping about her behind her back. A security source said a citizen went to Salmiya police station and told them that she had a dispute with her neighbors who reportedly talked negatively about her behind her back. When she confronted them for what they did, they insulted her in front of their building’s residents, and where about to beat her before residents rescued her, she said. Investigations are underway.

Damaged cars
A female driver drove in the wrong direction in Abdallah Al-Mubarak area and collided with three cars in the process. A security source said police went to the site and found out that a woman was driving in the wrong way and damaged three vehicles. Police took the driver to the police station, where a case was filed.

Two people fell victim to a swindler who made them believe they won KD 20,000 and asked them each to send him pre-paid cards and KD 4,000 to get the prize. Both went to Sabahiya police station, separately, and said someone with a UAE number called and told them they won KD 20,000 and gave them a Kuwaiti number to contact. The source said the person asked to be sent prepaid cards worth between KD 120 and KD 250. The man called again and asked for a KD 4,000 transaction to UAE to receive the prize. Detectives took over the case.

Car stolen
A man hung on his car when a thief stole it and dragged him several meters. He suffered several bruises and scratches as a result, while the suspect escaped. A security source said the man, Egyptian, who works as a delivery man, was in Ardhiya when he left his car briefly with the engine running. Suddenly, he saw a person getting inside the car but before he drove away, the man hung on it. Detectives are working on the case.

Home robbery
Investigations are ongoing to identify and arrest a man who reportedly broke into a Maidan Hawally apartment and robbed its contents. The tenant, Syrian, told officers that she returned home to find out that the door was broken. When she went inside, she discovered that gold rings and cash were missing. Crime scene investigators went to the apartment to collect evidence. – Al-Rai

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