Will well-educated Kuwaitis leave?

Dr Khalid Al-Saleh

Political activities in Kuwait are not linked to education, and when electing National Assembly members, and sometimes selecting government members, education, wisdom and scope of thinking are far from the attributes in those selected. That is why the educated are suffering in Kuwait. They are suffering from the deteriorating cultural situation, the many pretenders, end of the evaluation era and the supremacy of superficiality in most fields of thought and culture.

We have popular leaders today, who if they lead a situation and start speaking, the educated become embarrassed and wish nobody outside Kuwait hears or sees it, because the language will be shameful and lowbrow, while the dialogue will be closer to being a fight in a football field.

When you listen to parliamentary leaderships in developed countries, be they foreign or Arab, you hear an address that comforts the mind and the language is sublime, because the choices do not rely on influence or money; rather it is away from them, as the influential and rich do not have time for reading about culture and gaining awareness.

The cultural movement in the past was shadowing the leadership, as the late Abdelaziz Hussein and Abdelaziz Al-Saraawi, along with others, had a positive influence that made the rulers love literature. Many times the late Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem used poetry to express his intentions, giving his speech clout with little words and many meanings.

We hear today childish screams and useless arguments from those who read few books and do not have but the minimum of prestigious culture. What they have is a culture of fighting and lurking, that is if we have the right to describe these attributes as culture. Culture was previously sky high in Kuwait, but today it is under our soil after the rich and influential began to practice culture, making nations laugh at us. The educated remain shameful towards what they hear in the language of addresses.

So, will the educated in Kuwait leave the country and Kuwait becomes devoid of the educated who are full of sadness? This is a question that have its answer among the Kuwaiti people in the upcoming new era.

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