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‘With our health we create our future’

KUWAIT: A lecture by Eijabiya Union Volunteer Group titled ‘With our health we create our future’ was organized in Kuwait Social Association headquarters in Adaliya area. The lecture was given by a number of students of the Social Sciences College at Kuwait University including Amina Al-Shammari, Haya Al-Assaf and Nour Al-Azmi with the participation of director of Ahmadi medical area Dr Ahmad Al-Shatti.

Team Leader, Narjas Al-Shatti, started by welcoming attendees and talked about the goal of lecture -which is spreading cultural awareness in society for health cities. Al-Shatti then introduced the students, who talked about the factors concerning medical areas and smart cities, as well as their importance and impact on sustainable development.

The attendees listened to the history of medical areas. Moreover, they listened to information about spreading medical awareness in all levels. The lecture was also attended by a member of the National Assembly Dr Khalil Abul, Ghanem Al-Sanad (vice director of Aesthetic Agriculture at the Public Authority for Agricultural and Fishery) as well as members of Kuwait Social Association. At the end of the lecture, team leader Al-Shatti thanked the head of the Kuwait Social Association Abdullah Al-Radhwan for hosting the lecture. All participants were honored.

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