Woman arrested for liquor trade

KUWAIT: Farwaniya detectives recently raided a liquor factory, and arrested an Asian woman who ran the place. The woman also hired a number of compatriots to distribute her products. Case papers indicate that police patrol officers spotted a woman carrying a large bag and on approaching her, she tried to flee but was caught. By checking the bag she carried, policemen found out that it was full of liquor bottles. The woman led police to where she brewed the liquor and to her associates. In another case, an Asian man was recently arrested in Fintas with possession of 160 bottles of homebrewed liquor, said security sources. Case papers indicate that patrol officers stopped the man and on noticing that he was nervous, they searched his vehicle to find the liquor in the trunk.

Ex-wife assaulted
A female citizen recently filed a complaint against her ex-husband, accusing him of breaking into her apartment in Maidan Hawalli and assaulting her. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Addict assaults officers
A man was recently arrested in Jahra industrial area for drug abuse, possessing 67 illicit pills and insulting police officers, said security sources. They noted that police patrol officers had suspected the man and on stopping him, he was found to be under the influence of drugs. The man refused to cooperate with search procedures, and insulted the officers who still searched his vehicle and found the pills. A case was filed. Separately, a Kuwaiti citizen was recently arrested in Adan with possession of a large piece of hashish in addition to smaller pieces packed and ready for sale, said security sources.

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