Woman causes scare after leaving bag in mosque

KUWAIT: Detectives and state security are looking for an unidentified woman who created fear and chaos among worshippers in Andalus when she asked them to say the shahada (the Islamic declaration of faith), left a bag and fled. A security source said a call was received from worshippers who said the fully veiled woman came in, left the bag and asked them to recite the shahada. The bag did not contain any illegal substance.

Compatriots’ row
Abu Halifa police arrested an Egyptian man in Mangaf following a complaint from a compatriot accusing him of having a relationship with his wife and threatening to kill him. The Egyptian, who is a teacher, also accused the suspect of encouraging his wife to get a divorce. He said he gave her pills to have an abortion, and threatened to kill her husband (him) if they go to Egypt by hitmen there. A security source said the suspect’s place was raided and he was arrested after refusing to go to the police station.

Costly gable
Three Indians were caught gambling in a Khaitan yard and were referred to residency detectives. The arrests were made when the three fled as soon as they saw police. They will be deported.

Not paid
A citizen who owns an Instagram account through which she sells branded items complained to Hawally police against a woman who ordered two purses and a watch, but when the driver delivered them, she did not pay. Police checked the woman’s details and found she is an Iranian. Police will summon and question her.

Woman robbed
An Egyptian woman told Salmiya police that she was robbed by another woman inside a beauty salon. The Egyptian said she does not know the woman, who entered the shop soon after opening, immobilized her – injuring her in the process – and stole KD 520. Descriptions of the car the suspect was driving were noted by police.

Illicit relationship
A call about the kidnapping of a child in Salwa revealed an illicit relationship between a maid and a Lebanese man that resulted in pregnancy out of wedlock. Police received a call from a female citizen about suspicion of child kidnapping by a maid. Policemen arrested the maid, who was carrying the child. When asked who the child was, she said it was her son from an illicit relation with a Lebanese man. The father denied the maid’s claims first, then when DNA tests were mentioned, he admitted the boy is his. – Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa

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