Woman charged for ‘insulting Kuwait’

KUWAIT: A Frenchwoman of Tunisian origin was referred to the public prosecution charged with insulting Kuwait on social media. A police said electronic crimes detectives carried out investigations and were able to determine her identity and arrested her.

Medical error
A Kuwaiti woman complained against an employee at a medical center after her abdomen swelled up following a vitamin injection given by mistake. The citizen told police that she went to the center to get the injection, but was surprised by the swelling and realized it was a medical error. She handed police a medical report proving the error. Investigations are being held to find exactly what happened.

Two rescued
The coastguard rescued two Kuwaitis who were caught in the middle of a sea storm near Failaka island that caused their jet-skis to sink, which were later recovered after rescuing the two men. Police received an SOS from the two young men near Failaka, so the coastguard responded and located them.

Roommates fight
Ahmadi police broke up a fight between two Egyptians, who exchanged blows inside a ‘bachelors’ residence. Police received a call about the fight in Fintas, so police patrols responded and broke up the fight.

Farwaniya detectives arrested an Asian man Indian for mugging another Asian man and stealing KD 500 from him. The victim went to the police and told them the suspect, who was familiar to him, stole KD 500 that belonged to his sponsor. The suspect was arrested and confessed to committing the act. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

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