Woman drowns at Khairan Resort

KUWAIT: A 29-year-old Ethiopian woman drowned while swimming at Khairan Resort beach, said security sources, noting that the body was referred to forensics. A case was filed for investigations to reveal the circumstances behind the incident.

Reckless driver arrested
A Kuwaiti was arrested for obstructing traffic flow, reckless driving, driving under the effect of drugs, possessing drugs, resisting arrest and attempting to escape from a checkpoint. Case papers indicate that a police patrol stopped the suspect in Hawally and ticketed him, but he tried to escape. He was then controlled and arrested. The suspect was also found to be inebriated, and on impounding the vehicle due to its bad technical condition, agents noticed drugs inside it. A case was filed and the suspect was referred to drugs control pending further investigations.

Search for thief
Someone recently reported that he tried to withdraw KD 500 from an ATM, and when the machine released his card without the money, he thought it was out of order and left to find another one. The man said that he then received an SMS from the bank reporting deducting the sum from his bank account. Checking with his bank, an employee told him that someone visited the ATM after him, took the cash he found in it and left. A case was filed and a search is on for the thief.

Shotguns stolen
A Kuwaiti man reported that two shotguns were stolen from his farm in Wafra, said security sources. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

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