Woman files sexual assault case in Khaitan

KUWAIT: An Arab woman told Khaitan police that an Asian man sexually assaulted her while heading to a store where the suspect works. Detectives are working on the case and looking to arrest the suspect for questioning.

Indecent gesture
A Kuwaiti citizen told police that a person made an indecent gesture at him following a traffic dispute, and gave officers the license plate number of the alleged offender’s vehicle. The person is being sought to face charges.

An Arab man told Mubarak Al-Kabeer police that he was scammed when a European man sold him a large quantity of perfumes, only to discover it was counterfeit material. Investigations are ongoing.

Police intervened to stop a fight between two women in Abu Halaifa, though the two kept swearing at each other, prompting policemen to take their IDs and asked them to go to the police station. The two were sent for questioning and may face legal action.

Cop offender in custody
A traffic policeman used force to control a taxi driver who refused to follow his orders and insulted him. The policeman pulled the taxi driver over for violating traffic law and issued him a citation, so the driver became angry and insulted the cop. The driver refused and resisted arrest, so the traffic policeman forced him in the patrol car and took him to Nugra police station where he was detained for questioning.

KD 15,000 theft
A thief stole KD 15,000 from a company in Sharq. The suspect entered the company’s building and carried the safe that contained the money in addition to other documents. Detectives took over the case.

Medical error
A GCC national accused a doctor of making a medical error while in hospital and lodged a complaint in Jabriya police station. The doctor will be summoned for questioning. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

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