Woman found dead after nephew’s suicide

KUWAIT: A citizen from Yarmouk went to visit a relative to tell her about the death of her nephew, but found her door broken. When she checked, she found a body in a pool of blood in the kitchen with a knife by her side. The woman called police, and officers, detectives and paramedics who responded found that the woman was stabbed three times in the chest. The body was recovered by the coroner, and the case was registered as a homicide. Detectives took over investigations to find out what happened because the victim lived alone and did not hire any domestic helpers. A security source said what is intriguing is that the victim’s nephew, who works for the fire department, committed suicide by jumping from a Salmiya building Monday afternoon.

Score settled
Two citizens settled a score with a friend by stabbing him in the shoulder in an Abdaly camp. The victim lodged a complaint at Qashaniya police station. The two suspects fled after the stabbing, while the injured man was taken to Jahra Hospital for treatment.

Bomb found
A citizen was shocked when his shepherd told him he found a foreign object and put it on the roof of his room, only to discover it was a bomb. The Asian man called operations, so Salmi policemen went to the pen, evacuated the site and military engineers dealt with it.

Vehicle on fire
Fire gutted a luxury car on Salem Al-Mubarak Street in Salmiya. The fire department received a call about the fire, so they responded and put out the fire without any injury. A fire source said the car’s fuel tank had exploded.

A female citizen was insulted and threatened by two of her friends, who inundated her phone with messages, so she went to Zahra police station to file a report. Police received copies of the messages and the phone numbers used, and are working on the case.

Two citizens were injured in a fight during which they used sharp objects. The first was injured in the face and the second had a wound in the head. Both were taken to Sabah Hospital, where they were treated. They then exchanged accusations. Legal action is being taken towards them.

Construction material stolen
A thief targeted a building under construction and stole material worth thousands of dinars, as the guard was not at the scene. A security source said the citizen went to Adan police station and told them about the theft in Funaitees. Adan detectives are working on the case. – Al-Rai

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