Woman stopped while attempting to drive through Interior Ministry gates

KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti woman in her thirties was arrested when she tried to drive her vehicle through the Interior Ministry gates in Subhan, said security sources, noting that guards fired warning shots in the air and used the tyre shredder device to stop her vehicle. According to security guards, the woman was not in a normal state as she murmured some strange words. She was referred to relevant authorities for further investigations.

Botched kidnap
A female citizen accused two people, one of whom she had an affair with, of trying to kidnap her from a parking lot in Salmiya. The woman explained that she went to the parking lot to pick up some of her belongings from her ex-boyfriend, but someone else was with him and they both tried to kidnap her, but their attempt failed when she resisted them and started screaming. A search is on for the two suspects.

Teen smash car windows
Three juveniles were arrested in Sabahiya for stoning and smashing the windows of vehicles driven by Asians around the area, said security sources.

Harasser caught
A Yemeni man was arrested in a Rai shopping mall for sexual harassment, said security sources, noting that the suspect is currently detained pending deportation.

Ear injury
A citizen was rushed to Adan Hospital when part of his ear was cut during a fight with a compatriot in Mangaf, said security sources. According to the injured man’s brother, who took him to hospital, his brother argued with someone with whom he had had some unsettled scores and that the argument developed into a fight, during which his brother sustained the injuries and bruises mentioned in a medical report he provided. The man said doctors managed to attach the cut piece of his brother’s ear. A case was filed and a search is on for the suspect.

Hashish smokers arrested
Two citizens and an Iraqi were recently arrested while smoking hashish in a parking lot in Qairawan, said security sources, noting that on searching the suspects, they had 12 pieces of hashish on them.

Neighbors fight
A citizen reported that his neighbor assaulted him and beat him with a sharp object to the head when they fought over parking rights. A case was filed and a search is on for the suspect.

Reckless driving
Four reckless drivers were arrested for dangerous driving in a Khaitan open yard where they endangered their lives and the lives of others. The vehicles were impounded and a case was filed.

A security source said a roaming taxi driver told police that as he left a Shuwaikh restaurant, he was kidnapped by persons who taped his mouth and put a knife to his side. The suspects took the Bangladeshi man to Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and forced him to call his father. They told the father if he did not transfer a certain amount of money, they will kill his son. He said the money was sent to the kidnappers’ account, and he was released. Investigations are underway.

Security campaign
A security campaign in Kuwait City resulted in the arrest of a 30-year-old citizen who was in an abnormal condition. He also had drugs and drug paraphernalia on him, and was sent to the Drugs Control General Department. Two other citizens were also arrested for debts of KD 15,000 and KD 14,000, and were sent to concerned authorities. Meanwhile, Farwaniya security arrested nine persons in violation of residency law. They were sent to concerned authorities.

Thieves caught
Criminal detectives arrested three Indians who ‘specialized’ in stealing smartphones from Hawally workshops. They confessed to committing six such crimes. Detectives earlier identified the culprits following victims’ complaints. They are three Indians who worked as mandoubs (company representatives). – Al-Rai, Al-Anbaa

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