Women arrested for shoplifting

KUWAIT: Hawalli detectives recently arrested a 26-year-old female citizen and a Canadian woman of Arab origin for shoplifting from a prestigious garment store. Security sources said that one of the suspects usually distracts the sales ladies while the other used a device they had bought from an Asian country to deactivate the alarm device fixed on each of the items. Detectives had received various reports about robberies in a famous Salmiya mall, which prompted an investigation. The suspects confessed they only steal clothes.

Dormitory fire

Firemen were dispatched to put out a fire at the Public Warehouses Company laborers’ dormitory where flames had completely destroyed one of the rooms. The entire building was evacuated but there were no casualties.

Staff honored

MoI’s Investigations Directorate recently held a special ceremony to honor staff members with outstanding performance. The ceremony was attended by Major General Fahad Al-Doussari and the training center manager Montaha Al-Hajri.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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