Women’s hydrotherapy unit, medical turning point in Kuwait

KUWAIT: The swimming pool inside the rehabilitation and hydrotherapy unit for women. — KUNA photos

KUWAIT: The rehabilitation and hydrotherapy unit for women, located within the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital, is considered a state-of-the-art project and turning point for medical services in Kuwait. The building is considered the first hospital in Kuwait for daily care to offer patients full care from speech therapy to physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy. It also contains one of the largest hydrotherapy pools in the country.

Hospital Director Dr Saleh Al-Shaijy said yesterday that the building is a pivotal step towards bettering health services provided by Ministry of Health, especially for patients of orthopedic or neurological illnesses. Dr Shaijy explained that hydrotherapy, or the use of water as treatment, helps alleviate pain in patients suffering from orthopedic or neurological conditions from either chronic illnesses or accidents and injuries.

Dr Al-Shaijy illustrated that hydrotherapy eases muscle tension, increases flexibility and betters stamina, blood circulation as well as mental health. In addition to hydrotherapy, the hospital’s director clarified that the building also houses a hall fitted with specialized equipment for nerves and bones. It also includes specialized clinics for pregnant women, and elderly people.

Meanwhile, head of the physiotherapy department for women within the hospital Dr Nafeesa Kamal affirmed said that field of physical therapy in Kuwait is witnessing great improvement as it utilizes latest technologies and international treatment techniques. She also went on to explain that hydrotherapy is one of the techniques utilized by physiotherapy, and it takes different forms and different temperatures, mentioning that alternating between hot and cold water helps minimize infection and stimulate blood circulation. Dr Kamal added that benefits of hydrotherapy include decreasing sensitivity to pain, reducing muscle tension, easing joint movement as well as increasing endurance and bodily balance. — KUNA

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