You won – now clean up the Assembly

Immediately cancel the free fuel coupons given to MPs

I would like to make some remarks about parliamentary work if we really want to reform this institution. The remarks are as follows:

1-    Immediate action must be taken to reduce the total number of secretaries for each MP from 15 to a number that is enough to scientifically and research-wise help an MP. The current number is nothing but profiteering by campaign staff and their relatives.

2-    New lawmakers must be subjected to a training course on parliamentary work to enlighten them with regards to legislation and understanding the meanings of the constitution, because previous experiences showed that many of them are ignorant in this regard and contributed in passing unconstitutional laws.

3-    Stop paraphrasing the text of the inaugural oath and adding phrases to show off.

4-    As gesture of sympathizing with the problems the 2013 parliament gave to citizens in the summer, immediately cancel the free fuel coupons given to MPs.

5-    As a reaction to the deteriorating economic situations, immediately change the lease contracts of MPs’ luxury vehicles and substitute them with more economical ones.

6-    Form a special values committee to handle MPs’ financial, administrative and ethical mistakes during their membership.

7-    Grant the public access to information about session agendas and minutes, MPs’ absences and their role in legislation and monitoring as a means to enhance public supervision of their performance.

8-    In view of the mistakes committed by the Assembly’s TV channel, it must be shut down, because the parliament’s performance must be monitored by private media, in addition to the role already played by state-owned media.

9-    Stop using the parliament’s papers for political reasons, as what has already happened.
We hope these remarks find their way to implementation and are not used to strike bargains amongst MPs – CLEAN UP the National Assembly!  – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Jarida

By Mudaffar Abdullah

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