The world needs peace and security

Labeed Abdal
Labeed Abdal

When leaders of major countries with advanced economies were meeting in Japan to participate in the G7 Summit, the World Vision Organization, concerned with immigrant affairs, presented a memo urging the leaders to show more concern and care for the world’s children. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) summit focused on sustainable development goals in order to avoid wars, conflicts and instability in the world’s poorest spots with the aim of achieving a better future. This means that the world is finally starting to awaken.

International political will to handle world’s most sensitive issues and achieve peace for children and families afflicted by wars still has a wide gap. International conscious has been fearfully silent while children and unarmed people are being killed, only because the killers belong to powerful countries beyond accountability.

This does not show any responsibility for the present and the future of any human being, society or race. New generations are following in older generations’ footsteps with the same old follies. Children do not get enough international protection, which calls for stopping armed aggressions worldwide and setting wide redlines in some areas.

Tough time does not fly backwards – international law that was present after World War I, when it was decided to annex countries that were less advanced, is currently detected although 100 years have passed by. The world is in dire need for international peace and security for human beings anywhere regardless of their religion, color, race or origin. This requires more awareness programs and justice-based development, especially since the UN was founded to achieve peace and not just stand by watching fights and weapons and explosive displays, while war criminals are laughing.

By Labeed Abdal

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