Year of disputes

Muna Al-Fuzai

Unfortunately, the daily news has become violent and disturbing. There is either an internal crisis in a regime or public crisis and chaos. It is indeed a year of dispute and conflict, and it seems to me that no one is safe. When a neighbor’s house burns down, the house next door will be affected by smoke.

I believe that all people want to live in peace and prosperity, but when this hope is not being realized, and especially when the poor get poorer and corruption is widespread, an explosion occurs. It is a natural end for desperate people.

When a public movement turns into a news report on television channels, then the situation becomes an embarrassment for the political authority. No leadership wants to show the world its failure or inability to run its state. Tightening sanctions and distorting the objectives of the protest are the most likely scenarios to show the world media that it is an external conspiracy and sabotage against the state. Sadly, the demands of poor people usually get ignored.

Nowadays, the most prominent examples of people’s movements followed by the world are those of Iraqis and Lebanese, who took to the streets to express their rejection of corruption, especially in light of the deteriorating infrastructure and suffering of low-income people.
Iraq, for example, is a very rich country. So it is really painful to see images of poverty and death there. The Iraqi and Lebanese people deserve the best and should be able to live in prosperity. Another example is when beautiful Barcelona witnessed a fourth strike in less than two years calling for the independence of Catalonia. Crowds came to the city in protest against a decision of the supreme court. Protesters blocked some roads and dozens of flights were canceled.

The conflict between Spain and Catalonia is well known, but the images shown on television appear to be violent, and naturally there was loss of life and property. I felt sorry for the horrific situation and the people there.

I believe that the reason for conflict with authorities today is that man sees himself as a partner in the state and not a subordinate. Therefore, the absence of social justice will lead to creating strife and discord in society.

I believe political systems have a great role in eliminating conflicts by playing their natural role and serving all segments of society through social justice. They should set the right priorities for the poorest first, because all revolutions in the world have come from the hungry classes as they suffer the most. Only then can peace be achieved.

By Muna Al-Fuzai
[email protected]

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