YES! Reflection of Molly Bloom

By Ali Alhamadani

A few blocks from Broadway street where theaters amaze spectators with advanced technologies, choreography, and colorful scenery using dopamine’s cravings to attract modern audiences, the Irish Repertory Theatre (IRT) produced YES! Reflections of Molly Bloom with Aedin Moloney as a sole actor by adapting Molly’s soliloquy from James Joyce’s novel Ulysses. The play was wondrous by Moloney’s capability of performing as a Greek orator.

In the basement of the IRT building, a round stage was set in the corner of the room surrounded by seats on its two sides available for 50 spectators. The set imitated Leopold and Molly’s bedroom in an ancient Greek style with concrete walls, a window, and a bed. The sofa is the only piece of furniture that reflects a modern setting. The bluish light sneaked from the sets’ outlines with a circular platform attached to the ceiling. Moloney grabbed the audience’s attention without the need to use a microphone or any technical stage enhancements. Her mastery of her vocal colors and her flexibility with her body movements and facial expressions showed her deep understanding of Joyce’s character.

I questioned the necessity of having a well-equipped theatre in Kuwait. Great theatre doesn’t need large modern theaters or a massive capital. Individual talent, hard-work, and artistic quality is where we should invest our money and focus into. Moloney was capable of performing a 90-minute solitary performance by extensive energy, practice, and dedication that went into her work. We need a more inward attitude and a better-expressed responsibility when it comes to finding the change that we want to see.

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