Yoga trainer’s car stolen

KUWAIT: A man who works as a yoga trainer reported his vehicle stolen. In his statements to Maidan Hawally police, the Indian man explained that he was approached by a woman who accused him of blocking her car. She threatened to call the cops. Soon afterwards, a man approached him, identified himself as a police officer and asked him to step outside of his vehicle and hand over his car keys. The yoga trainer gave the ‘police officer’ the keys. But the man proved to be an imposter as he and the woman hopped into the car and drove off. A case was filed an investigations are in progress.

Attackers arrested
Ahmadi detectives identified two out of five persons who reportedly attacked four citizens in their camp, in a case reported recently. One of the victims told Ahmadi police that five men in dishdashas attacked them inside their camp, leaving them injured, and also damaging their cars. Police managed to arrest two of the suspects, a Jordanian and a bedoon (stateless) man, and are searching for the rest.

Smuggling foiled
A passenger was caught trying to smuggle six pieces of hashish through Nuwaiseeb border outlet. The Pakistani man concealed the drugs in an oil shipment, according to the police report. He was sent to the Drug Control General Department to face charges.

Suspicious envelope
A Qairawan area mosque imam handed over an envelope to police which he said was given to him by a young man. The Kuwaiti imam said on opening the envelop, he found that it contained leaflets containing insulting statements in addition to discussions on banned subjects. The case was sent to state security.

KD 32,000 stolen
A Syrian man told police that KD 32,000 in cash which he was transporting for an exchange company was stolen. The man said an unknown person smashed the front door window of his truck and took the money. Investigations are underway.

Murder investigation
Salwa police held an Indian man for the alleged killing a Sri Lankan national following a dispute over illegal liquor sales. The victim’s body was recovered by the coroner . – Translated from the Arabic press

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