Young man dies of drug overdose

KUWAIT: A drug overdose killed a young man despite his father’s attempt to revive him, a local daily reported yesterday. The father had noticed his son was in abnormal condition and seemed to be in a lot of pain, so he called for an ambulance. The father could not wait for the ambulance to arrive and carried his son to hospital as his condition was getting worse, where he later died, Al-Rai Arabic newspaper reported. The medical report indicated that the cause of death was a drug overdose.

‘Fake doctors’ arrested
Kuwait police arrested two persons who allegedly performed plastic surgery operations without having proper medical licenses, according to a local report. The arrest came following investigations after a woman reported to police that her domestic helper had absconded. Police had tracked the helper to a clinic in Hawally where she had allegedly escaped. During the operation, police discovered the two alleged fake doctors and placed them under arrest, along with four other runaway domestic helpers, Al-Qabas Arabic daily reported yesterday quoting a source with knowledge of the case. The detainees were taken to the proper authorities for further action.

Banned tobacco
Shuwaikh customs officers confiscated 30 tons of banned chewing tobacco upon its arrival in two containers from Jebel Ali Port. The shipment was reportedly abandoned at Shuwaikh Port for 90 days. Officers searched the unclaimed containers and then transferred them to relevant authorities for further inspection for any banned substances. The two containers were registered to be carrying sanitary materials, but when checked, 580,000 bags of chewing tobacco were found.

Police arrested a man and a woman and found four envelopes of shabu and five Captagon tablets with them on a street in Kuwait recently. The arrest was made at a checkpoint, where police asked the couple for their IDs. The two were incoherent and heavily intoxicated to a point that they could not move, reported Al-Rai. Police asked them to step out of their vehicle, but the driver attempted to escape before he was chased and arrested.

False alarm
A woman in Qurain called police and told them that her husband was keeping explosives in their house. Police responded quickly and discovered that the entire issue was fabricated. They found out that it was in fact a domestic dispute case, and that the woman made the false claim so police could respond as quickly as possible, Al-Rai reported. She was taken to the police station for further action.


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