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Youth left with few options for entertainment

By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: Lack of fun and entertainment activities for people and especially youngsters has been a longstanding issue in Kuwait. However, practicing some hobbies, going on trips to the desert or visiting shopping malls are ways youngsters entertain themselves in Kuwait. Kuwait Times interviewed three youths to find out how they enjoy their free time in Kuwait.

Abdullah, a student at Kuwait University, said activities in Kuwait are usually indoors. Hence, he does not go out much, although he would love to because he loves nature. During winter, Abdullah goes to Shaheed Park to walk around the beautifully designed gardens and enjoy some coffee. But during summer, Abdullah said it is hard to enjoy going out unless you are going to the beach, where the water balances the heat. Thus, he sees the best way to be entertained in Kuwait is to find a hobby and enjoy doing it during one’s free time.

“I personally love shooting, so I go to the shooting range in Kuwait. I spend most of my free time there, where I escape from my daily routine and the pressure of studying at college. The shooting range is an exceptional experience in Kuwait unlike the shopping malls or coffeeshops where people usually go to enjoy their free time,” Abdullah said. For Abdullah, the shooting range is where he empties all the negative energy and any pressure he may be dealing with. This fixes his mood and prepares him to go back to his studies and responsibilities with more concentration and energy.

Lama, also a student at Kuwait University, told Kuwait Times that she spends her free time at coffeeshops, where she usually goes to meet her friends. “My friends and I meet at coffeeshops to enjoy chatting together. In Kuwait, coffeeshops are fantastic and are easily found everywhere. The coffee also is very good, so to me going to a coffeeshop is very rewarding, especially after having a busy week at college,” she said.

Being a student at college, Lama not only visits coffeeshops for entertainment, but also for studying. “I go to the coffeeshop both for entertainment and finishing my work at the same time. Some coffeeshops in Kuwait are in shopping malls, where it is hard to focus and finish work. However, there are many coffeeshops that have their own premises. This is where I prefer to finish my college work,” she added.

The atmosphere at independent coffeeshops enhances Lama’s concentration and productivity. “At coffeeshops, I focus more on my studies than working at home or at college, because seeing other people working on their laptops encourages me to do my own work,” she said. Lama pointed out she does not like shopping very much, so she prefers visiting coffeeshops in residential areas.

Like Lama, Mohammad, a high school student, does not like going to shopping malls. To have fun, Mohammad leaves the city and spends his weekends at his family’s farm. “I usually spend my free time by leaving the city and going to the desert. I either go camping or to the chalet or to the farm that my family owns, where we have horses, goats and other animals,” he said. Mohammad prefers avoiding the hustle and bustle of the city and sees that there is not much to do at shopping malls. Therefore, the farm is where he finds entertainment.  However, Mohammad finds it hard to visit the farm on weekdays due to school. “I struggle because I have to go to school, which is not close to the farm. But it is worth because shopping malls are boring. Summer in Kuwait is another major issue for me, because I cannot be outside for long. In such cases, I go to shopping malls with my friends and relatives to enjoy some good food at restaurants,” he added.

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