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Zain awards winners of Arab Open Padel Tournament

Kuwait: Zain, Kuwait’s leading digital service provider, joined in awarding the winners of the Arab Open Padel Tournament, the first padel competition of its kind in the region. The tournament, sponsored by Zain and organized by TRYSET, featured 512 pro and novice players from the GCC and the Arab world.

Zain is a strong believer in shouldering the local youth and sports sectors. The company continues to support many major competitions and sporting events in the community, including this thrilling tournament that happened for the first time in the region.

Zain joined in awarding the winners during the final ceremony attended by H.E. Ambassador of Egypt to Kuwait Osama Shaltout, where Egypt was crowned the champion of the tournament. The event continued for three days at Padel Time courts in Ardiya, and featured 512 players from all GCC countries, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco. Teams were divided into 7 levels: professionals (males and females), novices (males and females), under 16s (males and females), and above 45s (males).

Zain not only focuses on economic and business activities, but also contributes significantly to social programs, including sports. The company has endless confidence in the competencies of Kuwaiti athletes and their capabilities in excelling in different fields, on both regional and international levels. Zain is also proud to continue supporting many Kuwaiti athletes who represent the nation across local, regional, and international arenas, and attain the highest accolades.

Padel is a racket sport that witnessed great popularity recently in Kuwait and around the world and features a unique playstyle that consists of a mix of tennis and squash. The sport is usually played in doubles in a closed court with walls the ball can be played off. Zain recently organized two padel tournaments for its staff, with both achieving great success.

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