Zain Kuwait launches new iPhone 12 lineup during biggest virtual event

KUWAIT: Eaman Al-Roudhan with Hamad Qalam and Zainfs team during the event

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, launched the all-new iPhone 12 lineup during the biggest virtual event of its kind, broadcasted LIVE over the company’s official Instagram channel. The event was hosted by popular social media influencer ‘Hamad Qalam’, and attended by Zain Kuwait’s Chief Executive Officer Eaman Al-Roudhan and the company’s executive management. Thousands of Zain’s followers and customers tuned in LIVE to watch the virtual event and take part in its exciting program.

The launch of the new plans, along with the newest iPhone lineup from Apple, comes as part of Zain’s commitment to offer the latest smart devices with the most competitive offerings for its customer base, which represents the biggest family of subscribers in Kuwait, all over the biggest and most powerful network in the nation. Zain is keen on refreshing its offerings with the latest and most advanced products and services to maintain its leadership position in the market and cater to customers’ personal and professional needs.

Zain’s virtual event, held LIVE over the company’s official Instagram account, attracted thousands of followers and customers, and was hosted by popular social media influencer ‘Hamad Qalam’. The event featured a discussion about the latest iPhone 12 lineup from Apple, along with the new accessories and unique features supported by the new devices.

The company also unveiled its new iPhone 12 plans, and the all-new Wiyana plans, which include exclusive benefits for Zain customers, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the latest devices with new great benefits. In addition, the event witnessed exciting entertainment segments where Zain gave away tens of valuable instant prizes to viewers and followers, including smart devices, earphones, accessories, and more.

Zain now offers the all-new iPhone 12 devices, which support 5G for the very first time, with many flexible plans and amazing benefits. Zain also offers an exclusive offer for all customers on Zain PLUS, allowing them to add the new device’s installments on their subscription with two FREE months, starting at KD 12 monthly only. This offer also includes two FREE months on 5G access fees for 4G LTE customers, giving them the chance to enjoy this revolutionary technology on their new device.

Zain also launched new Wiyana smartphone plans, which feature more benefits, more value, and include the latest smartphones, wearables, and accessories, all along with 5G Internet. Customers can use their plan in Kuwait and while roaming, as well as enjoy many other exclusive benefits.

The plans also feature local minutes, FREE roaming Internet allowance, FREE subscription in the best entertainment platforms (including OSN with a FREE subscription of up to one year), FREE unlimited social media usage, as well as more benefits like the ability to add wearables and headsets, accessories (chargers and cases), and Zain smartphone insurance.

Zain recently received ‘Kuwait’s Fastest Fixed Broadband Network’ award for Q1-Q2 2020 from Ookla, the company behind the renowned Speedtest Internet testing platform, and the global leader in transparent Internet testing applications, data, and analysis.

The announcement comes to reinforce Zain’s leadership in the Kuwaiti market by offering the largest and most powerful 5G network in Kuwait. Since commercially launching fifth generation wireless technology (5G) back in June 2019, Zain was the first operator to offer 5G technology in the GCC region via the Kuwaiti market with nationwide coverage of all areas. The company succeeded in designing the first integrated network for 5G services built on a world-class infrastructure, ultimately transforming the telecom sector across the country and region.

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